Unfortunately, at this stage, the chances of survival are incredibly slim. Even well-fed, pregnant fish don't stick the scales out unless they are ill. Search "bloat". my fish is wrather old about a year or more and hes been fine so i no its not preg cause its been with the same other one so there both male but last 3-4 days he started to look bloated and his scales stick up like spikey hair or blowfish looking? 5. I have a dwarf gourami that is bloated all over and his scales are fanned out looking. Weight gain and a bloated stomach are not well-known as symptoms of fibroids. In dropsy, a concentration of fluid in the body tissues and cavities causes the fish's abdomen to become swollen and appear bloated (Ascites). Dropsy disease is the result of organ failure from cancer or poor environmental conditions. Symptoms: Brown or orange colored worm sticking out from the anus of your platy fish. In order to determine exactly which one of these conditions your fish is facing, you must look out for other symptoms that are distinct to each condition. This seems to have happened very quickly. Pinecone Scales. Dropsy is not really a specific pathologic entity, it is to describe a general condition of fluid accumulation in the internal body cavity, which has many causes. When i got home today she was so big, she's been getting bigger for like 2 or 3 days. ? Loss of appetite; Behavioral changes like becoming lethargic, floating near the surface or at the bottom of the fish tank rather than moving through the water freely [1] Best viewed from above. Sounds like dropsy. I have a orange platy with black fins she is fat but lately i have noticed she is getting way fatter. Thank you for the information. 326 Posts . Goldfish with advanced dropsy disease. You won’t have to wait for any eggs to hatch. Dropsy disease symptoms are caused by kidney failure. This fluid retention causes the fish to bloat and the scales to distend as fluid builds up underneath them. It depends on what has caused the dropsy--dropsy itself is not a disease, but a symptom of some underlying problem. Bloated appearence with scales that stick out like a pine cone. I feed them (and 10 other types of fish) flakes every day and blood worms/dried shrinp every other day. Platy non-illness 8/11/05 Hi there! This also happened before to my platy, guppies and also goldfish sometimes may happen to Betta as … OK I am not sure what is going on but for the last couple of days we had one platy out of three that was always hanging out around the cover but would come out for food. Dropsy is also often accompanied by external bacterial infections including fin rot, mouth rot and ulcers. I think the fish loses the ability to regulate the amount of water in its body and swells up. If not treated soon the fish will die. There is some underlying condition which causes the kidneys to fail, the fish can't get rid of water and it swells up with the swelling making the scales stick out like a pine cone. If she has all three of these symtoms, (Bloating, Scales sticking up, and white, stringy waste) your fish unfortunately has Dropsy. Two, your fish might have a serious illness called Dropsy that can be fatal to fish. Platy fish bloated and his scales stick up like spikey hair ? Internal Parasite (Camallanus) One common parasite that can affect the health of your platies is Camallanus. From other posts I've read people suggest its from a disease or underfeeding? Online Fish Diagnosis The kidneys shut down and the fish retains fluid. I've had my tank for around 2 months and on one of my red wag platy's today I noticed a long white string hanging out the back the fish. What is this - fish poop? Swelling of abdomen, raised scales around swollen area. Greetings all! ? It can be cured by administering a round of antiparasitic medication. Figuring out exactly what Symptoms your fish is showing can go along way twoards a diagnosis. She is bloated like a round balloon and the scales have sort of fuzzed out if that makes sense. These fish are livebearers, which means the fish come out of the mother swimming freely. Sticking out scales is dropsy, a symptom of several diseases rather than a disease itself. Add 1/8 teaspoon of Epsom salt for every 5 gallons of water and monitor for two weeks. Does anyone know if she could be pregnant? my platy has fattend up and her scales are sticking out almost looks like a pineapple If the fish already has dark scales, you probably won’t notice any change in their color. There is a platy with what looks like dropsy – its stomach is bloated, and the scales on its side are sticking out. Can you post a picture of her from a top view (looking down). Monitor the tank water chemistry and observe your fish daily for signs of illness to help tip the scales in your favor. She does seem to have black spot near the tail end though which I read could mean pregnant. Her scales looks kinda pineconed too. Its scales stick out, making the fish resemble a pinecone. I have to be frank with you when I say that usually when Dropsy has reached an advanced stage, as can be seen by the fish's scales sticking out, curing it is very unlikely. Start treatment by adding 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom Salts per 5 gals., feed a medicated food for … And, admittedly, it’s hard to tell the difference between a fat fish and one that’s bloated by looks alone. She looks like she is going to explode!! Often, female platies in a tank in the presence of even one male for even as much as a minute can result in her being impregnated and able to store sufficient sperm to continue producing young for as much as 6 … Swollen areas may exhibit a 'pine-cone' appearance caused by the fish's scales sticking out. Symptoms of this disease include swollen body, bloated eyes, and protruding scales. Dropsy causes the Goldfish to become bloated and its scales to be distended. His scales are starting to stick out. Leave it be and you will have baby snails in a while. As for the weird crap, don't remove that. The eyes will bulge out from the trapped fluids beneath. Physical Changes. Perhaps she has an anal prolapse that got infected (hence the fuzzy stuff). I am not sure what is wrong with this poor guy in my tank. So, … Aside from a swollen belly and scales sticking out, fish dropsy can be recognized by the following symptoms: Dropsy in Goldfish. One of the most common mistakes of aquarium owners is slow to react to early signs and warning of disease. Obesity, overeating, and getting chunky aren’t the same as bloat. When a platy fish becomes pregnant, it will gradually take on a darker external coloration. The female platy looks in a bad way. The fish did not live but wanted to post the information everybody gave me in the first post so those in the future can have access to the information. UPDATE ===== Thanks for the suggestions everybody. does anyone no what this is ?? That is a mystery snail egg sac. Yet, the growth of fibroids within your uterus can cause this type of physical changes. I have a female platy who we thought might be pregnant but I suspect it is dropsy having read some other posts. The fish literally blows up like a balloon. In order to treat dropsy, antibacterial should be given through medicated food and water quality should be … Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 2, 2010. There are multiple causes. As for the remedies to angelfish dropsy, the outlooks aren’t good. Anybody know what is happening to him? Dropsy, Pineconing, Scales sticking out on platty. ?I’m panicking, I was fasting her for a few days because her swim bladder was bloated and now it looks like her scales are sticking out... My dad thinks she looks fine, I’m very worried and I don’t know what to do. P.S. Your suspicion of Dropsy is correct. That way, you can figure out how to treat them and get relief from the bloat. It is still eating and acting pretty normally. A pregnant fish may face swimming difficulty, a bloated fish may have pinecone scales. Does it look like my betta is pine-coning? If you notice that your bettas scales are sticking out the wrong way (making him look like a pinecone) then it’s dropsy that he’s suffering from. Bloated appearance and protruding eyes; Scales sticking out; Rapid gill breathing; Loss of appetite and lethargy. Perform a 70-90% water change once your platy fish no longer exhibit symptoms. Go to your local pet store and get medication for her ASAP. I'm currently medicating my platy, and I do hope that she'll get better soon! SO since it had a fat belly I started to think maybe it was pregnant and was just trying to lay low and have a safe place for teh fry. The longer you wait the worse the problem gets. In the last e-mail I sent to you, I didn't know whether my platy (Tam'ra) was bloated, had dropsy, or was pregnant, but as of yesterday, I found out. 1. It is highly likely that your fish is either pregnant, fat or just bloated. However, if the tank is well maintained, partial water changes are performed regularly, and the fish are fed nutritional food, the odds of popeye striking is greatly diminished. Thank you so much for the help that you gave me last e-mail! In fact, Dropsy is often called Pinecone Disease because of it. Because of the 18 fry our platys & mollies had, I decided to get a 20 gal so the fry had room to grow and the moms could be at peace. It is important that you monitor and ensure that your fish stays healthy. Platy Stats Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons (45 Litres) Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: 7-8.5 pH and Medium to Hard Temperature: 20-26 °C (68-79 °F) Maximum Size: 2 1/2 Inches (6 cm) The common platy (Xiphophorus), also known as the southern platyfish or mickey mouse platy is a small, popular live-bearing fish. Re: Bloated Platy #2 Thanks - very helpful for us that you've answered all the key questions. Dropsy usually signals internal infection and … When i first got her she was a little big but not as big as now. If you notice the disease in its advanced stages, there isn’t anything you can do to save the lives of angelfish that are affected. It makes sense to understand fibroids and how to determine if they are behind your weight gain. But, for most people, when they think bloated fish they think their abdomen is large. I do have a male platy too if it helps any. pineconing is very bad (scales sticking out like a pinecone). Basically what causes dropsy is organ failure (typically the kidneys), which ruins the fish's ability to osmoregulate--thus, the uncontrollable bloating with scales sticking out, and the fish's eventual death. Dropsy (Malawi Bloat) may be caused by internal bacterial infection (if swelling is sudden), parasites, or cancer (if swelling is gradual). It is optional to keep the filter in and out but I think is better out and try to change the water 25% after 1-2 days and repeat the procedure like I mention above.
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