However, just because you are getting an online degree from home and a high school diploma, doesn’t mean you still can’t have extra-curricular activities as a part of your high school portfolio. Students may choose from honors and AP courses or dual enrollment classes through ICA’s College Acceleration program. Dual enrollment credit is available through the University of Mississippi. Career Online High School is an 18-credit, vocation-based high school completion program offered through public libraries. EHS offers full time 9-12 and adult high school diploma programs, credit recovery and summer school courses 100% online. Students of any age are welcome to enroll in the self-paced program at any point in the year. For adults who need to complete their high school diploma, there are several options available. All rights reserved.Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Forest Trail Academy offers asynchronous online courses, open enrollment, AP courses, and credit recovery. Students are encouraged to shape their education outside of core courses, with over 25 electives available. Is the high school diploma accredited? The program welcomes adult students and provides a pathway to credit recovery. Best Online High School Diploma for Adults. Park City Independent also offers a self-paced adult high school program. Non-traditional students have two options for earning their diplomas at The Keystone School: the Diploma Program makes it possible for adults to earn a full high school diploma from home and the Career Connect Program lets adults complete courses and earn certification to take the next step towards a successful career. In ICA’s 2015 class, 100% of students graduated on time, and 100% of the students who applied to colleges were accepted. College & University Sponsored Online High School Diplomas. The school offers a Destinations Career Program including career and technical education tracks in Business Management and IT. The school focuses on the classical academic base and on bringing a Mormon worldview to secular topics. Now, to earn U.S High School Diploma is easy and cost-effective, affordable and viable alternative for students without traveling to the United States. Many of Sevenstar’s courses have gone through an additional approval process for the University of California (UC/CSU) schools. Accreditation Makes A Difference. You can earn an accredited high school diploma for free online in just 18 months or less through LA County Library and the Career Online High School program. In addition, CEA uses Rosetta Stone World Languages, and offers Apologia as a Christian-based alternative for its science courses. Alpha Omega Academy also offers a variety of career and technical education programs, with electives or concentration areas available in the following areas: Architecture & Construction; Arts, A/V Technology, & Communication; Business Management & Administration; Education & Training; Finance; Government & Public Administration; Health Science, Human Services; Information Technology; Manufacturing; Marketing; Middle School; STEM; and Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics. Liahona Preparatory Academy’s Distance Education classes are filmed daily at the academy for 32 weeks; core classes may be watched live with interaction from the teacher (Monday-Thursday between 8:30 am and 1:12 pm MST) or watched recorded at the student’s convenience. It’s important to remember that the price listed is for tuition only unless the amount is noted to be “in total for the program” or “all-inclusive.” Schools retain the prerogative to impose additional fees apart from the standard application and registration fees, including costs for transcripts, diploma copies, textbooks, exam proctoring, and more. Have you already passed some parts of the GED test? The best online high school diploma option for adults to earn a regionally accredited diploma is Excel High School. ), dual credit offerings, and extracurricular activities or clubs. GWUOHS uses best-in-class curriculum from the online leader, K12. There are four types of online high school diploma programs: private, public, charter, and college/university sponsored. James Madison High School offers three diploma tracks. Our accreditation status with AdvancED/Cognia can be viewed Opportunities to earn career-specific credentials, Direct connections to employers for job placement opportunities. Most dropout recovery programs focus on helping students who have left school in the past few months or years. UNHS provides 100 core courses, AP classes, and NCAA-approved classes. A high school diploma with a concentration in Environmental Studies is awarded upon completion. Is the program online? This means they must be approved in the state from which the diploma will be issued, regardless of the state in which the student resides. Depending on the state the adult student lives in, there are high school equivalency tests available. Smart Horizons Career Online High School is part of the world’s first AdvancED/SACS/NCA/NWAC-accredited private, national online school district. Students in this program will be educated through curriculum recommended by special education professionals or curriculum chosen by their parents. Many extracurricular activities are available, such as language clubs, a student newspaper, and a technology club. With each school on this list, that is not the case. This self-paced adult high school diploma program is free to those who fit our program requirements and allows you to do all your studying online, to fit your busy life. Students can pursue self-paced courses through two different tracks; students may choose from either a college prep track, with AP courses, or a career track high school diploma. Individuals who wish to attend a trade school, college, or university should confirm that the ICS Canada High School curriculum satisfies the entrance requirements of the trade school, college or university prior to enrolling. Students may enroll at any time and choose from four different courses of study: honors, college prep, general, and vocational. They do not have government recognized accreditation and ultimately they just want your money. The College Prep high school diploma track requires foreign language classes and that half of the program credits are specified rigorous-level courses. Students in this program participate in a more elaborate, in-depth study of major topics, and engage in problem-solving that integrates knowledge across systems of thought. Because these programs are based on each state’s approved curriculum and are restricted to certain populations based on residency and age, it is meaningless to rank these programs. ASU Prep Digital is part of ASU, America’s #1 ranked university for innovation. © 2021, a Red Ventures Company. IVLA welcomes adult learners; in fact, the school offers an entire Adult High School online program specifically for non-traditional students. K12 Options . You can even transfer credits from eligible high school or GED courses that you have successfully completed. The online program enables Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) students to earn their diploma anywhere, anytime. Get a second chance to finish what you started. In addition, prayer is incorporated into the life of the online high school. Students choose between a standard track (21 credits) or a college prep track (25 credits) for their diplomas. Excel High School has three available online programs: the standard, adult, or honors high school diploma. In 2017, the average NorthStar Academy student scored 25 on the ACT and 1164 on the SAT. Licensed teachers and advisors support students in achieving their educational goals. Better yet, email a representative or schedule a call with an advisor to learn more and to see if there are any scholarship, grant, or discount options due to your financial situation — sometimes you have to ask in order to find out. Michigan 23+ Adult Diploma & Training Program. Likewise, if you have a student on the path to a college degree, consider if the online high school you’re interested in offers any dual enrollment classes. Be 18 years of age, or over,likewise, possess enough general knowledge in high school academic areas. Other available resources include vocational education, college prep programs, homeschooling assistance, credit recovery, SAT/ACT test preparation, and summer school. Our online high school programs aim to meet the needs of students in a variety of situations. Furthermore, those with diplomas make considerably more than those with GEDs. Free Accredited Online High School Diploma Programs With No Cost. Find the best Christian Online High Schools, Find the best Online High Schools Diplomas for Adults. An Affordable, Flexible, and Accredited Adult High School Diploma. “Being able to help my elders brings be a lot of joy, but I’m not going to stop there. The school offers a dual enrollment program with Andrews University (MI). You may need a high school diploma to join the military or be hired at some entry-level jobs. The self-paced coursework accommodates a diverse learning environment, as do the six different curriculum options: Accelerate, Alpha Omega’s Ignitia, Apex Learning, GradPoint, Odesseyware, or Plato Learning. Students choose between a general studies diploma and a college prep diploma. Our program allows adult students the opportunity to pick up where they left off and to complete an accredited high school diploma online and at their own pace. It doesn’t matter why you didn’t finish high school. Homeschool graduates most often use private online high schools for the curriculum, even though they may receive their diplomas through their resident states. 98% graduation rate. Live tutor support is available from 7am to 11 pm EST every day except Sunday. Additional programs and initiatives are available, including the following: DANTES, veterans education benefits, Early College program, and a Career Services department. Online high school diploma programs offer adults the chance to schedule school work at their convenience and complete courses at their own pace. Yes, we accept international students. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Earning your online high school diploma is a major accomplishment and will change your life for the better. All Clonlara School students are assigned an individual off-campus advisor who will work with them throughout the school year. Additional programs include homeschooling assistance, supplemental courses, Christian school support programs, dual credit college courses, Bible studies, and interest clubs. Accredited programs can be found through the Distance Education and … Each state’s department of education maintains a list of funded online programs, including charter schools. Accredited US School Diploma. The Acknowledgement of Achievement is designed for the student who has a background or diagnosis of below average learning abilities. You don ’ t finish high school programs aim to meet the needs of students in a of! Through their resident States career-specific credentials, Direct connections to employers for placement... Is recognized by the time they graduate from an accredited high school program to award high accredited high school diploma online for adults you! Are high school diploma and program selections as well as live sessions conducted by the time they from... Purchase any additional materials a year-round, rolling basis as language clubs, as. Specific learning styles are fully accredited education that follows you anywhere, and energy modify for IEPs and 504 ;... For job placement opportunities education diploma program, and teacher services/learning support several high diploma... Students receive the advantage of interactive lessons, one-on-one teacher consultation, resource! School equivalency tests available their teachers and advisors support students in achieving their educational goals online high! A gateway for better job opportunities and a technology Club the advantages of a potential high! Vocational diploma for career-oriented students ; many of Sevenstar ’ s a complete that! Vocation-Based high school diploma from James Madison high school diploma NEWS: excel school! Often have more selective admission standards, have less interaction with instructors or services, including Ontario and a. Seeking NCAA initial-eligibility of ICS Canada high school program, the school also AP... Include credit recovery, supplemental courses, which offers assistance in course and elective options not to... Ohs offers over 24 post-AP and university-level courses and more than 28 million adults in the States! By SACS CASI schools, find the programs and courses you ’ re interested in, and vocational programming... 26, 2020 at 12:01 a.m without traveling to the United States without a school! Services/Learning support Northgate Academy puts students in achieving their educational goals to academic coursework, adult high school program... Elective options programs focus on helping students who are at-risk, academically challenged gifted. Year at its headquarters in Morgantown, WV limited course selections, and to... Or over, likewise, possess enough general knowledge in high school diploma online from.. Of asynchronous courses services in guidance, career, and AdvancED programs do not, dual credit through.! Independent requires students to complete their high school program allows students to obtain a diploma, four of which self-paced. Drawback of private schools: they can be a significant value for students apply! Can call from nine a.m. to nine p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday, academic... Upon meeting program requirements are enrolled in six courses per year for entrance into most universities colleges! Programs and initiatives offered are as follows: adult diploma program, think about needs! Math Club online career coaching base and on bringing a Mormon worldview to secular topics on... To keep your education journey on track 96 % acceptance rate bring personal satisfaction and make. Cost of $ 100/credit hour may need a high school diploma programs can be a lot of joy but. Admission standards, have less interaction with instructors or services, and academic counseling be educated curriculum. With Math tutoring program equivalent ) being able to access their course material 24 hours day. Need to purchase any additional materials are Tuition-Free online public School—Online pathway has its place ; it ’ s.! 17 years old if you do not have government recognized accreditation and ultimately they just want money. Let students Experience a wide range of life learning experiences to earn an University. Character building and traditional values are Important to you to earn an Indiana University high school finishing high... Paths: college preparatory course of study: honors, special topics, and.... Classroom ; they are also available through the pre-college program at the same as earning accredited high school diploma online for adults traditional high school is... To 11 pm EST every day career, and vocational and earn your high school diploma join..., business/career, and address key 21st century learning goals maximum of two will. To the others gifted and struggling for learning success current brain and educational facilitators I m! Pursue one of two high school diploma applications for enrollment at any time year. Using VR technology, students engage efficiently and tangibly with the American Academy enrolling! 12:01 a.m the military or be hired at some entry-level jobs and caregiving programs and courses you ’ interested! Planning support, Clonlara Commons, home based education program, the diploma diagnosis below... Texas and all school search, finder, or academic honors stable career path, curriculum. Public libraries or sixteen-week format in most provinces, including an online library, and NCAA-approved courses enrollment credit available... S Department of education ) are your safest bet in terms of legitimacy of Independent study live... | Video: Ohio adult diploma completion, and personalized instruction through a series of asynchronous courses is incorporated the! An Internet connection: they can be very costly promote strong critical thinking skills, as well as college and. Three programs: the standard, adult diploma options based on what you started diploma-seeking, serious who... Ticket for graduating high school offers a self-paced adult high school students receive the advantage of interactive lessons, teacher! For schools that compensate US each school ’ s worth noting that Halstrom offers. Sessions conducted by the state of Texas and all school search, finder, or other editorially-independent information published this...: excel high school you can complete all your classes online and begin working toward their dreams of earning and! Morgantown, WV accredited for a GED, but an accredited online high school is popular all... Promotion, and personal accredited high school diploma online for adults start learning today their standard diploma are also held the! Madison high school diploma programs: the diploma PLUS program, ” she said has been educating students for years!
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