But there’s another way to get your content in front of your target audience: Pay to promote it using Facebook ads or a similar PPC ad network (e.g., Google AdWords, Pinterest Ads, etc.). But content repurposing isn’t the only way to get some quick and easy links. You should now have a list of hundreds of sites to potentially guest post for. Well, you can use the same method everyone else uses, which is to find sites actively appealing for guest bloggers using Google search operators. It involves manually contacting website owners and bloggers, asking them to link to you. This is probably one of the most common types of link-building you'll perform as an SEO, particularly if you're just starting out or your business is still quite small and unknown. Check them out. If they’re still allowing new answers, get involved in the conversation. But what about links that are lost because the linking page no longer exists? Fast. Take our post about keyword cannibalization, for example. In the case of link building, that benefit is a link. That restricts the search results so that you only see one web page from each website. So why not reach out to entrepreneurs and startups to let them know about Ahrefs? Here’s a dead link I found in a post on Quicksprout: Before the page died, it looked like this: If you happened to have a website in the SEO niche, you could take advantage of this by: “That seems like a LOT of work for ONE backlink”. The question is: how do you find relevant broken link building opportunities in the first place? But EVERYONE is doing that. You just need to have something worthy of a link—it might be your product, service, business, brand, or even personality. Think about it like this: why on earth would a site turn down a well-written, free piece of content that has the potential to attract visitors to their site? This is good because more eyeballs = more links. Here’s one of my favorite infographics about, well, “infographics”: If you recall what I said during the outreach section, getting links to this type of content is all about letting the right people know that it exists. Read our full guide to broken link building to learn about three other ways to find broken link building opportunities. What I’ll show you instead is a handful of tactics that WORK. Here’s one such link that came about because of that: Ahrefs is listed as one of 300 awesome things for entrepreneurs and startups. There are a few different ways, but the easiest way is to use Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. The bottom line? Search for a keyword related to your content (this will filter out relevant threads that have rankings and ongoing passive traffic). Every industry has its own set of link building opportunities. Link building isn’t rocket science. If you paste the URL of the broken page into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer (or Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker), you’ll see EVERYONE that links to that page. By that, I mean asking very kindly if they’d be willing to swap out that homepage link in favor of a link to the category page. Host a giveaway or contest. Some sites republish the full thing, whereas others publish an excerpt and link to the full post on your site. If so, reach out and kindly suggest that they add the link back. What we want is a list of unique websites, which we can get by hitting the “one article per domain” checkbox. So why not look at the backlinks to other similar ecommerce stores and find replicable links? In this post, I’ll describe six important steps for a successful link building strategy, the holistic SEO way. The link in the example above was removed because the content was rewritten. Most people tend to link to your homepage because it’s easier for them to do so. Because this report shows the number of referring domains pointing to each broken page, you can quickly and easily find a goldmine of opportunities. I know I have. I target personal sites for broken links. Not all link building tactics are outreach-based. For example, we get lots of links because of the tools we create, not the articles we publish. You’d then need to check the links to this page by pasting it into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and checking the Backlinks report. Here’s a CRAZY example I found a while back in the travel niche: No, your eyes don’t deceive you; that broken page has 900+ referring domains. Guest blogging is one of the oldest link building tactics in the book. ), Reach out and offer the video to the websites for free (to include in their content), Roundup any high-quality images on your website (this will generally be infographics, photographs, diagrams, etc), Find websites using these images without permission, Make sure these websites are giving you credit for those images (if not, reach out and reclaim the link), Generate backlinks from high authority sites in your industry, Build exposure and credibility for your brand, Create a powerful relationship-building platform, Provide a vehicle to rank for insanely competitive keywords (tenant SEO), Use Google search operators (this is more powerful than you might think! Do that, and they might link to it. So how do you find topically-relevant sites? ), Use google to find similar tools (this is as simple as searching for “calorie calculator” or whatever you’re looking for), Scrape the results (again, use LinkClump), Extract the backlinks for inferior, yet highly linked-to tools (that are similar to yours), Reach out to those people with a “skyscraper” outreach email. Find all websites already linking to you (with ‘natural’ editorial links). In my efforts, I found 2 things: White hat SEO is a ton of work. Online PR. Solution: Introduce them to your content and ask them to link to you instead. Let us know in the comments. How We Use Blogger Outreach To Promote Content And Build Links, I Just Deleted Your Outreach Email Without Reading. The link was removed from the linking page. Present at a tradeshow, conference, or meet up. Well, at its core, link building is essentially the online version of old-fashioned networking. That’s why it’s super important to create content specifically designed to for link building. If you have… 34+ Link-Building Tips, Tools, and Examples for SEO and Website Traffic; How to Do a Competitive Content Marketing Analysis . Ideally, a page/ post with some type of search traffic potential. We don’t advertise the fact that we accept guest posts anywhere on our site. All natural backlink profiles have a mixture of followed and “nofollowed” links.