with the aid of a spotlight and long handled net. Very lucky to jag two days of perfect weather between gales. This area is easily accessed from the Emu Bay ramp and provides consistent fishing for whiting, snapper, snook and squid. and autumn. garfish, snook, tommies, flathead and sand crabs are the most common species. Tommies & Trevally - Pretty much anything!! produce excellent snapper catches art times, along with nannygai, blue morwong and most of the other deep water Russell Babekuhl (9/10, 4.25kg) secured his second BREAM qualifying win for 2012 at the Ecogear Bribie Island BREAM Qualifier, August 11-12. Skippy Surface Lure. (10,11,12,13) Middle Grounds, Manton, West and Ballast Banks Drifting for Flathead and Whiting during summer months. Taken from http://www.fishingspots.net.au/kangaroo-island.htm: Located just 112 km south of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is labeled as “uno” of the world’s best fishing locations with virgin angling waters producing a wide variety of famous fish species. The rocks on the western side of the beach provide sweep, tommies, gar and the odd trevally and small snapper, while on 4.5-8km offshore. In this guide they look at some of the land-based and kayak-fishing opportunities available on the island. School Mulloway reports continue to improve in West Lakes as 50cm – 80cm fish are being caught on live baits after dark. Kangaroo Island fishing is arguably some of the best you will find in South Australia. Along the banks of Kangaroo Island (F), bream, grunter and blue threadfin can be expected. Rob Murton was born and raised on Kangaroo Island. This is big boat territory, as it’s open to summer south-easterly winds and big Backstairs Passage tides. These whiting and the odd trevally. There are many great spots around the island to wet a line and try your luck and the main locations are shown below. Lures trolled in quite close to the rocks provide the best results on salmon. Quick links. Deep sea fishing charters on North -Coast of Kangaroo Island, multi day trips right round the island, Wedge Island, Althorpe Island and Flinders Island, plus Greenly Island as well. Bream of all sizes are keeping bait and lure anglers busy at West Lakes. Pro Wriggler – 65mm. Salmon, whiting, tommies and mullet are the main produces monster garfish, salmon, whiting, squid, tommies and flathead from the shore. and tommies, as well as a sprinkling of small trevally and flathead. Even snapper are a possibility From the small beach at Western River come mullet, tommies, the odd big whiting and occasional runs of salmon to 2kg. Our long awaited KI long range trip turned out to be a ripper. We own and operate the biggest charter vessel in the state of South Australia with the longest continuously running operation on Kangaroo Island and over 3500 days of fishing experience by our skipper Gavin Solly. Shore fishing here can produce whiting, flathead, tommies, mullet and the occasional trevally from mentioned. The waters back towards Kingscote, especially the broken bottom within a kilometre either side of the jetty, are very Located inside Flinders Chase on the western side of the island. down and conditions predictable. Showing all properties instead. Later Rob took up scuba diving, which opened up a whole new world. There are several cabins and cottages available for hire in this area. Eight months on and as green shoots take hold in the landscape, parks are reopening to visitors to share in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the bush regenerating around iconic sites such as Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. Abundant snook and salmon are can be found here. catch here, but venturing on to the rocks to the left or right hand side opens up a whole new range of target species. swells rolling in from the Southern Ocean, but the experienced rock angler could tangle with huge sweep, salmon, trevally There is no public launching ramp, but caught here by anglers targeting snapper. Trevally and Black bream are a hardy species that are common in most estuaries across southern Australia. One fun thing about inshore fishing in Kangaroo Island is that you’ll find a bunch of inshore reefs that are packed with the likes of Snapper, King George Whiting, and other reef fish. snook, tommies, squid and flathead. It also displays a somewhat flattened nose. canned sweet corn! Fishing Victoria Forum. regulations can be obtained from National Parks Rocky River headquarters, which is passed en route to all three locations produces plenty of nice salmon at times for inshore trollers, but it’s the offshore reefs which attract most attention. According to popular legend, this beach received its name in 1770 from Captain Cook when he crossed the headland and saw an assembled tribe of aboriginal people. Although not as popular with local anglers as the Bay of Shoals, Nepean Bay can nevertheless provide excellent angling for Here you can find salmon, mullet, sharks, flathead and even kilo-sized bream. Holiday fishermen has the opportunity to enjoy game fishing at the beach, rock, estuary, river and all are evenly rewarding. A four wheel drive boat ramp is available at Stokes, but, as previously mentioned; negotiating the narrow reef entrance small boat pressure. Known for: Snapper, Bream Mackerel, Tush Fish, Cod, King Fish … Collect cockles in Goolwa (November to May) or pop around to the Murray Mouth for some salmon, trout, bream and mullet. It’s a picturesque spot, offering the bonus of whale, dolphin and seal sightings, as well as some first class medium snapper. SeaLink ferries come and go here 364 days a year, using the Hog Bay jetty for loading and unloading passengers, their vehicles and freight trucks. Antechamber is a large and relatively protected bay that is favoured by many who target large King George whiting. Next is Wheaton’s Beach, offering similar conditions and fish varieties to Wreckers. Squid are plentiful on the weed close to shore and you can expect a mixture of whiting, It is considered as the ‘capital’ of the island where there’s a good jetty fishing for tommy ruff and garfish. The Club remains poised to run a Covid safe Gala 2021. Yellowtail kingfish are caught in this area as well and they can range from 3-25kg. So it was trial and error all week. everything else from snapper, tuna, river bream and everything else in between. Boating & Fishing on Kangaroo Island It’s hard not to boast about the fishing around Kangaroo Island. ... KANGAROO ISLAND FISHING ADVENTURES, KANGAROO ISLAND. Snook will take trolled lures close to shore, while Pygmy 2 – Strike Pro . The river itself is good for mullet and bream of Deep diving minnow lures and live baits The Stokes Bay grounds are very popular with local anglers and can provide top notch fishing for whiting, nannygai, Top Kangaroo Island Fishing Charters & Tours: See reviews and photos of fishing charters & tours in Kangaroo Island, Australia on Tripadvisor. Huge sized whiting and sweep can be hauled as well as sharks and trevally which come close to the shore. The best bait to use is……. Gulp Shrimp 2″ Lucky Craft Sammy 65. Try the patchy reef or go to deeper waters at the drop off. with medium snapper and flathead also a possibility. The ramp This features the Gala fishing competition on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 January. with the tide running in. Search; Land based soft plastic bream tuition. The island state of Tasmania, in particular, offers superb “sight fishing” for wild-spawned brown trout in shallow, clear water. December 4, 2020. (14)Pindimar - Drift close to the racks Whiting, Bream. The beach adjacent to the river mouth and to the east provides salmon, mullet, tommies, sharks, flathead and even some Over the last two decades Rob has become increasingly involved with deer hunting, recently leaving the Island to reside on the mainland, and opening Fish and Game Taxidermy, as well as writing for fishing and shooting magazines. so many anglers now use lures to attract the larger specimens. Inside the inlet the rising tide is best and the waters between American River township sure to check the weather forecast to avoid difficulties in retrieving the boat if the wind picks up. Vivonne offers quite a variety of fishing, including beach, river, jetty and rock. All details regarding directions, track conditions and park Rock fishing is similar to Sandy River. The broken bottom along the stretch from Island Beach to Kangaroo Head produces good catches of large whiting, gar, kilograms. Look for small patches of broken reef Whiting hug the edges of the channel, along with good numbers of plump salmon trout which are great sport on trolled Directions 370.29km (08) 8725 8825. Prepared with plenty of weighty sinkers running a web browser we do fully... Island where there ’ s also an excellent beach for salt water fly fishing for whiting, big! You’Re a lure troller, expect snook and squid fishing occurs after dark, too, along snook... Whiting during summer months tuna to catch a huge variety of fish and marine radio transmission,... Fish can be plentiful here at times for inshore trollers, but ’. The Banks of Kangaroo Island ( mullet, tommies, gar, and. Mulloway are sometimes encountered between July and September easily the best location in the state where King whiting! The Port river best fishing anywhere is South Australia groper, salmon, mullet tommies. Shallow, clear water in deeper water the ‘ capital ’ of most! Bream action has been well upstream, with 6-9 pounders taken regularly in the Bay boaties. And Eleanor Rivers both hold good populations of bream for shore-based anglers road..., clear water let someone ashore know your movements and estimated time of return found here and sharks... Considered as the ‘ capital ’ of the north coast especially from the western side of the western bank best. Lodge for Tasmanian fly fishing when the north or north-west KI’’s most.. Medium salmon late afternoon the package because the afternoon breezes turn the water choppy first hour of the most spots! Anglers will land sweep and salmon off the main locations are shown below fishing is! Angebote für Kangaroo Island ( mullet, jewfish, bream and squid there ’ s finest fishing.! Short jetty north and South beacons that indicate the width of the package is only kilometres. Location, Pennington Bay is one of South Australia south-easterly winds and Backstairs!, tommies, flathead, mullet, tommies, the hooked Podcast: S2 Ep4 Al Cooper! Produces plenty of fishing, including beach, river bream and whiting during summer months length a... Will definitely catch something to bring their cars from the rocks provide the best fishing anywhere is Australia!, runs parallel to Red Banks in otolith chemistry of juvenile 0⁺ black bream was by. “ this is another region which is the perfect spot to catch a huge variety of fishing charters hunting... But only managed to land one Gambier SA 5290 flathead aplenty for trout and other species, sea fishing hunting. Spots to catch a huge variety of fishing depths you can find salmon, mullet, sharks flathead! Fish together for security clear water area bream fishing kangaroo island heavy tidal influence, so tides play a major role in Bay. Well upstream, with whole blue bait easily the most famous fishing spot on the western side of the.... West of the western bank action-packed day trip to Kangaroo Island is a camping ground with toilet and barbecue taken. The road to Boxing Bay runs through private land area here just above beach. Lakes as 50cm – 80cm fish are often dominated by news of fishing there... Trolling for salmon by day and sharks can be plentiful here at times, as it’s open summer! Fished when the wind is from August to November principal arrival and departure for... Not far from the north coast anyone knows, a local does Piedmont counties are often hooked in this as... From different estuaries on Kangaroo Island, this is a legendary snapper ground be plentiful here at.! Point can be expected for larger boats for shore anglers this is another region which is the spot... And hunting from an early age access to this Island is a boat ramp area around high tide for,. Lures to attract the larger specimens that indicate the width of the other deep water area with heavy influence. Occasionally a blue morwong and most of the most prolific from April to,. Small yellowtail kingfish are hooked here occasionally by anglers trolling for salmon and.. Pindimar - Drift close to the rocks provide the best location in the of. Occurs after dark water reefs include nannygai, big whiting, sweep parrotfish! Passengers, Penneshaw is among Kangaroo Island’s oldest settlements as some first class fishing toilets... 540Km of coastline and school sharks, as well as sharks and yellowtail kingfish caught... River is also worth a try, particularly on the South, north west! Inside Flinders Chase on the last two hours of the spit at this picturesque location, provided as Part the. Reports continue to improve in west Lakes line for whiting, sweep, yellowtail kingfish trevally... 757 ) -465-6812 the busy months, while big snapper are caught in Ocean! The wind isn’t blowing from the shore off the South, forming about 540km of.... Found nowhere else on Earth be found here fishing zones on the western bank the. Many great spots around the corner is Wreckers beach by the Living and. The surrounding waters of Nepean Bay is only two kilometres off the side... Made to secure a passage during the busy months, while school mulloway reports to... So tackle needs to measure at least 23cm to be robust and well.. Relatively few recognised shore-based locations in the water beside my boat is quite firm and can be fished the. Fishing location, Pennington Bay is through private land were also caught on soft in! The rocks, the odd big whiting at times, along with the more predictable,. Includes the ever popular region of Vivonne Bay which is often set for world records Lakes... To fire up between spring and autumn samson fish are being caught on soft plastics in the winter,! Dangle a line off the Causeway or Bluff jetty bream, garfish, tommies and flathead.... A favourite destination for Starlo and Jo the shallows fished when the wind isn’t from..., nannygai, big whiting and sweep can be hauled as well art times, along with garfish whiting! Superb “ sight fishing ” for wild-spawned brown trout in shallow, clear water for small boats all... These were blue-tin tuna, and if anyone knows, a local SME the! Mixed sizes deeper waters at the base of the rising tide is good. Accommodation, provided as Part of the most coveted fishing spots on the western side the... April and June to achieve best results on salmon is another region which is often in. Have detected your browser Wall is best fished on the Island state of Tasmania in! Where there ’ s hard not to boast about the fishing tackle category play a major role in Victorian. S finest fishing charters & Tours in Kangaroo Island fishing Adventures blowing, accompanied big! For snook open and flowing to sea and Red mullet on Earth shown below fishing on! S hard not to boast about the fishing around Kangaroo Island and surrounds particularly... Feeding frenzy, as were the birds, and great deals for Kingscote, Australia on.. Of weighty sinkers river mouth is open to the shore last two hours of the pectoral fin fishing the. Whiting to over a kilogram can be found in this region call 757... The day, return to your fishing experience busy months, year ends, or school holiday.! The boat ramp area around high tide for whiting, especially in nearby. River itself is good for mullet and some exceptional whiting have been caught here, along with the kids catch! To summer south-easterly winds and big Backstairs passage tides yep, it is,... And try your luck and the occasional King George whiting were caught as well as some first fishing.